2021/9/15 - Safeguard your Events or Entry Access with Repaid Test Check System

2020 was an uncertain year due to the pandemic, in 2021 people are moving forward to having new normal life and lead a safeguard work pattern no matter WFH or in office site. Now Promag available with the Rapid Test Read/Write Kit
Rapid Test Reader, the RFID KIT, applying the reliable 13.56MHz RFID technology for those who need to Identify visitors with rapid test negative valid status then Safe Access to secure covid19 free workplace.

To event managers or human resources managers, Promag rapid test check reader kit help them with reducing the manual contact risk. With the RFID cards encoding the data of negative test always in update status assuring every entry in real time and no need to submit paper report for monitoring.

Are you wondering how RFID technology can help to empower the already exist Access Control System?

More details of how it works at: