GIGA-TMS INC UHF in Car Tracking
UHF in Car Tracking

RFID application in car/vehicle tracking

Promag’s MF2S/MR2S and FL20S are developed with the one wire technology. Thanks to the dual frequency and compact size Promag MR2s and MF2s with simple 1-Wire® and RS232 interfaces offering the flexibility in configuration are adapted among others to cooperate with the recording / monitoring devices used in GPS / GSM vehicle locating and tracking applications. Also the said model can be used to build Authorized driving, School bus & Corporate transportation in-vehicle attendance solutions. 1-Wire RFID Reader gives more flexibility to build solutions at affordable cost. Many security systems from European & US market support 1-Wire iButton for authentication. 1-Wire RFID readers can be used alternatively for iButton and get your solution working with low cost RFID cards!

• Popular Frequencies – 125kHz, 13.56MHzy.
• Interfaces – RS-232 and Special 1-Wire output.
• Audible Indication – Bi-color LED & Buzzer for local indication.

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