Image (*.jpg) Size Description
125KHz Cards 123KB Proximity RFID cards/tags
AC908A RFID Reader 27KB Cashless Card Payment
AG19 49KB Hand Hygiene Monitoring
ANT800 RFID antenna 18KB IP66 Rated UHF RFID Antenna
AUR720 106KB Barcode to EPC encoder & Writer
AUR720_TL10 43KB Promag UHF RFID Temperature Monitoring System
CON100iB converter 69KB Multi-Interface Converter
CON232K converter 27KB RE232 to keyboard emulatio converter
DF700A/DF710A 42KB MIFARE®DesFire Card RFID Reader
DF750AK/DF760AK 160KB MIFARE® DesFire CardRFID Reader with Keypad
DF750KA/DF760KA 148KB MIFARE® DesFire Card RFID Reader without Keypad
DSP801 24KB Desktop Customer Display
DSP820U 45KB DSP820U LCD Graphic Customer Display
DSP830 29KB Special-Character Customer Display
DSP840 Series 35KB 20*2 VFD Customer Displays
DT105U/DT105R 27KB Cash Drawer Triggers
DT305 45KB USB Cash Drawer Trigger
EP120 163KB Cashless Payment 13.56MHz RFID Reader
ER750/ER755 reader 16KB Ethernet MIFARE® RFID Reader
FAT810 122KB Programmable Ethernet Terminal
FAT820 122KB Ethernet Data Terminal
FL20 RFID reader 23KB Multi-Technology RFID Reader
FL20S RFID Reader 136KB FL29S one wire RFID Reader
GP25 series reader 69KB New housing design RFID readers
GP8/GP20/GP30 reader 33KB RFID Readers & Tags
GP90A RFID reader 15KB Advanced Long Range Proximity RFID Reader
GPW100C 114KB 125KHz EM Card Encoder
GS1100 RFID Reader 46KB New GuardScan® Guard/Patrol Tour Terminal
GS2000 GuardScan® 325KB Robust Metal Guard Tour Terminal
KB200 21KB New POS 20 Keys Keyboard
KB20A 9KB 20-Key Programmable Keyboard
KB220 41KB New POS 58 Keys Keyboard
KB240 11KB New USB 84 Keys Keyboard
KB280 7KB New POS USB 128 Keys Keyboard
KB58A 26KB 58-Key programmable Keyboard
KB840A 50KB KB840 84-Key Programmable keyboard
MF7 RFID reader 21KB MIFARE® UID Reader
MF700 RFID reader 21KB Configurable MIFARE® (MAD) Sector RFID Reader
MP101 62KB High Frequency Multi Technology Reader & Writer
MP200A 42KB High Frequency Multi Technology Reader
MP30 83KB Embedded High Frequency RFID Module
MP310_MP315 129KB High Frequency Multi Technology RFID Reader
MP320_MP325 129KB Multi Protocol RFID reader
MP80A 63KB Embedded High Frequency RFID Module
MP90A 77KB Embedded High Frequency RFID Module
MP915 148KB Multiple Frequency RFID Reader
MR2S_MF7S 81KB 1 Wire MIFARE® UID Reader
MU400 17KB USB UHF Reader/Writer
PA2183 / 2713 module 44KB RFID Reader Modules
PCR212 Series reader 44KB RFID Code Verifier Proximity RFID Reader
PCR300 POSLog 22KB
PCR300FU 52KB POS Logon PCR300 Proximity Reader for POS system Logon & Operator Identification
PCR310/MF5A RFID 30KB MIFARE® Card RFID Reader / Writer with Module
PCR320 37KB MIFARE® DesFire Card RFID Reader/Writer
PCR330 55KB HID-enabled Proxmity RFID Reader
PCR330 RFID reader 62KB USB RFID Reader
PCR340 RFID reader 49KB Dual Frequency RFID Reader
RF222 / MF222 module 36KB RFID Reader Module with 90mm MSR Housing Compatible
RF310 391KB Embedded Low Frequency RFID Module
RF320 106KB Embedded High Frequency RFID Module
RF385 234KB UHF Reader Module
SLR810 33KB UHF RFID Handheld Reader
TA500 42KB RFID UHF Reader
TMR900 15KB TMR900 Dallas iButton Reader
TMR901 9KB Touch Memory Reader
TR4020/4030 recorder 234KB Time Recorder with Ethernet Interface
TR515A NetTime 23KB Online Time Recorder
TR610 28KB Programmable Time Recorder
TS100 series 61KB UHF RFID Reader/Writer
TS50 33KB Multi Function Desktop UHF RFID Reader
UE600 Tags Encoder 46KB UHF Tags Reader/Writer
UHF880 155KB UHF All in one RFID Reader
UR110/ UR115 reader 32KB 125KHz New RFID Reader
UR220 RFID reader 298KB 13.56MHz MIFARE ® Card RFID Reader
USB232 / USB485 USB 18KB USB/Serial Port Smart Interface Converters
USB232K converter 29KB Serial to USB HID keyboard emulation converter
WEC200-00 controller 51KB Ethernet Access Controller