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Ultra High Frequency Reader\EPC UHF Reader
AUR720 UHF RFID Reader/Writer
AUR720 is a handheld UHF RFID Device that can copy a barcode number using its built-in barcode scanner and encode the barcode number to a UHF RFID Tag. The built-in OLED screen displays various information and let users select different functions such as Read, Write, Copy, etc. The AUR720 ...more
Handsfree type
AG19 Hand Hygiene Monitor Sense and Go
AG19, aGage is a device to detect alcohol level on the skin and provide a GO or NO-GO signal. The standalone version gives a Green or Red visual GO / NO-GO with audible output. The connected version gives an additional GO / NO-GO output that can be connected to almost any system including; ...more
Ultra High Frequency Reader\EPC UHF Reader
TS100 series Compact built-in Wi-Fi UHF RFID Reader/Writer
TS100A is an elegant, fully integrated all-in-one desktop reader and writer. Thanks to its lower profile (9.5mm) and compact size. TS100A is the perfect choice for those who need to upgrade barcode reading to UHF tag. TS100A delivers the speed of ease installation process. There are 3 ...more
Ultra High Frequency Reader\EPC UHF Reader
AUR720 with TL10 Portable UHF RFID Temperature Monitoring System
About 1.3 tons of billion food is discarded every year due to improper preservation according to the latest statics by Food Agriculture organization. BeeCool system- AUR720 with TL10 is the solution to solve this issue. ...more
POS Cash Drawer Trigger
DT205 Bluetooth Cash Drawer Trigger
DT205 is the POS Trigger connecting to a cash drawer usually to a POS printer or cash register, directly to the DT205B to enable bluetooth connectivity. It can pair with any computer or mobile devices using BLE. It creates a one-to-one connection between the cash drawer and the device via ...more
13.56MHz RFID Reader
MR2S/MF7S 1 Wire Mifare UID Reader
MR2S and MF7S are Mifare UID readers with 1-Wire and RS232 interface, designed to integrate with vehicle trackers and other controllers. With 10-48 VDC power input, it is convenient to install the reader in different vehicles. It aims to offer more flexibility to build solutions at ...more
Ultra High Frequency Reader\EPC UHF Reader
UE600 UHF Tag Encoder/UHF Tag Reader & Writer
The Promag UE600 is a desktop Ultra High Frequency RFID Reader/Wrtier compliant to ISO18000-6C EPC Gen 2 protocol with an operating range of 860-960MHz. The compact housing design makes it ideal for installing environment with space constraints. UE600 is compatible with EPC Gen 2 readers ...more
Ultra High Frequency Reader\EPC UHF Reader
ANT800 IP 66 Rated UHF RFID Antenna
ANT800 is bulit under slim and compact design concepts and as a perfect match for Promag's UHF RFID readers. Its compact design makes it the best choice for applications where space is limited. Its customizable frequency and cable length provide you with flexibility for various applications. ...more


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