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Product Name
Cash Drawer Triggers

Model No.
DT105U / DT105R

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DT105U/ DT105R Cash Drawer Trigger is designed to provide USB ( RS-232 ) interfacing to the cash drawer . This allows the cash drawer , which is previously connected to POS printer or cash register , to be directly connected to a USB ( RS-232 ) port of the computer .
This means through the DT105 the cash drawer can be directly connected to the computer when there is no  printer used in the POS system .
DT105 is to open the cash drawer when it receives the trigger command or the RTS/DTR signal control from the computer .


* Cash drawer can be directly connected to the computer with DT105
* DT105U provides USB interface
* DT105R provides RS-232 interface
* DT105U USB Trigger uses a VSPD ( Virtual Serial Port Driver ) software which makes it like a standard RS-232 port
* Accepts most of popular POS printer



Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.


* DT105 Cash Drawer Trigger used for cash drawer without connecting to printer ( DT105 is connected between Cash Drawer and Computer )


Available versions
DT105U - Cash Drawer Trigger with USB interface
DT105R - Cash Drawer Trigger with RS-232 interface

* Specification is subject to change without notice.




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