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Advanced Time Recorder

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  The TR4050 Time and Attendance Terminal is the latest addition to ProxData's family of Time Recorders.   It is an extremely easy of use Fingerprint Time recorder. The User only needs to read his/her fingerprint to the terminal and a new database record is created every time when a fingerprint is read.   The new TR4050 also adds online communications capability and numerous new features.


Users just put their fingers on the sensor to be read for completion of attendance. The read data covers machine ID, code of fingerprint, time shift, date, time.  All data are kept in device's memory. 

Easy access of fingerprint enrollment:Through RFID manager enrollment card. TR4050 can complete the registration of employees'  fingerprints.

Note: TR4050 simply use MANAGER ENROLL CARD or MANAGER DELETE CARD to register or delete employees' fingerprints. 

Fast fingerprint identification:TR4050 is able to recognize each fingerprint within 1 second under matching mode: 1:N.  Most of
terminals in market are hard to achieve though they are able to store thousand of fingerprints. 

Back up with RFID Cards: there is about 3%-5% peoples' fingerprints cannot be recognized accordinlgy to the market report which means that the alternative solution by RFID cards identification for time attendance is a nice to have feature to a time attendance.  TR4050 is also designed with the built in RFID card technology to solve this and it is available with TCP/IP interface serving as an internet-enabled terminal. "Time Recorder Utility" is the bundled software to download every record of employees' time attendance.

More add on features of TR4050 are:
Featuring easy to set up and available oubin multiple-language versions to set up time, ring bell schedule, TR4050 terminal ID, attendance records in auto scheduling download.

What's new in TR4050:
USB disk port for loading data to USB disk
Featuring offline enrollment/deletion functions
Display messaging available for time or fingerprint code or error message
512K bytes memory size for 12000 records storage
1900 fingerprints storage
Supports TCP/IP communication interfaces


Display: Graphic LCD 104 x 52 Black & white no backlight
Proximity card type: RFID 13.56MHz Mifare
Reading distance: 5 cm Max
Capacity of fingerprints: 1900
Storage: 12000 records
Interfaces: TCP/IP Ethernet
Ring bell schedule up to: 32 sets options
Bell & Lock relay: DC. Max 2A, 12V
Mounting: Wall mount or Desktop
Power supply: DC 12V, 500mA
Temperature: 0-55 degree C
Humidity: 10-90%

Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.


Time Attendance
Access Control


Available versions
TR4050-00  Offline
TR4050-10  Online
TCP/IP interface
RFID Card Reader:
ISO14443A 13.56Mhz Mifare

Online fingerprint enrollment function is available from now on.


The features of TR4050 USB Disk

1. Full Speed USB-Host port, compatible with USB V2.0
2. Support USB-Disk File System: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32
3. Support USB-Disk volume up to 100GB
4. Support multi-directory
5. Use "date" as file name when saving file (.txt file)
6. Set login-password-file to prevent downloading data


Application Example




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