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Product Name
MIFARE ® Card RFID Reader, USB and Open Cable End

Model No.

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UR220 is conceived as Your Reader, a stylish and reliable proximity reader with piano finish housing that seamlessly integrates into an intelligent building. For those high end projects UR220 is fulfilling with excellent performance, flexible appearance by changeable housing, customized logo, configurable LED colours and buzzer sound. It has wide applications in the area of Access Control and its waterproof design makes it a great all weather outdoor reader. UR220 has operating voltage range  perfect for Access Control Applications and is configurable to output most of the common interface formats as required : Wiegand, Magstripe (Clock/Data), RS232 or RS485.


**7 selectable colours for LED indications distinct for read and
   standby modes.
**Pre-programmable 3-in-1 interface outputs according to ABA TK2,
   RS232 (UART) or Wiegand characteristics.
**Ease of installation cuts cabling work.
**Quality piano finish meeting high end demand in intelligent
**ID output customization:
   User may set up its output any segment of ID number and
   interchange between decimal and hex format.
**Enable relay to trigger external device and setup relay timer,
   duplicate card reading timer and LED-colour notification


Power Requirements
- 7.5-12 Volts required DC at 75mA
  Typical with at 12V supply.
  A linear Regulator is recommended.

- Wiegand 26bits (default),
- Magstripe 9.6K Baud
- Serial ASCII ( RS232) or
- RS485 interface

Baud rates are configurable)

Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.


Access control
In and out control
Intelligent buildings


Available versions
UR220 (Dynamic shape housing)

UR225 (Square shape housing)




Application Example




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