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Touch Memory Button Reader\iButton Reader
TMR901 Dallas iButton Reader
TMR901 is a simple to use device, that lets you read the registration number (ID-Code) of ""> Dallas Semiconductor Touch Memory Button / iButton. Each iButton.has an unique serial number and it is unalterable serial number. ...more
Proximity EM RFID Reader \125KHz EM Card Reader
UR110 & UR115 125KHz RFID Reader
The UR110 brings the concept of " Your Reader" which is a stylish, reliable proximity RFID reader with piano finish housing which really shows seamless integration to an intelligent building. For those high end projects, UR110 fulfils its requirement in both excellent performance and flexible ...more
POS Programmable Keyboard
KB800 USB Programmable Keyboard
The KB800 is a three-in-one compact and advanced designed product, a very high performance 84 keys programmable keyboard with built-in LCD display and USB Hub. It's a good solution for system integrators' adaption to integrate to POS ...more
SF650 Web base enabled SmaFinger ® fingerprinter reader
SmaFinger® SF650 is a biometric fingerprint reader which can identify users by fingerprints as well as identity cards. Its fingerprint + card option can store fingerprint templates on the card instead of system database. While having all the features and functions of other fingerprint readers ...more
Guard Patrol Tour Terminal
WM3000N & NB series New Patrol Tour Terminal\WatchMan®
Get patrolling movement by security personnel recorded accurately and unalterably with WatchMan® WM3000N Patrol Tour Collection Terminal. Consisting of a mobile and a base unit, the handy and waist pouched mobile unit WatchMan3000N collects codes of more
Networking Device\TCP/IP
PDS200 Power over Ethernet Device Server
PDS200 is an external usage Power over Ethernet Device Server (Serial-to-Ethernet converter). It includes the function of GIGA-TMS's DS203 "">(Device Server) and " ...more
Mifare Reader\13.56MHz RFID Reader ISO14443A
AC908 Mifare Reader for Cashless Card Payment System
Charging, billing or ticketing at single or multiple customer-use facilities can now be done swiftly with Cashless Pay by Card System AC908 -garnering for your organization signification savings in operational costs and ushering in silent service. Interfaced to access control mechanisms of ...more
SF620 Optical Contactless Smart Card SmaFinger®Fingerprint Reader
SmaFinger® SF620 is the extension model built in with optical sensor type SmaFinger reader design with a fresh and stylish ID outlook with the key features sams as SmaFinger family. It performs contactless access cotrol by integrating 13.56MHz Mifare technology and able to be configured for ...more


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