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Product Name
POS Logon PCR300 Proximity Reader for POS system Logon & Operator Identification

Model No.
PCR300 POSLogon

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POSLogon PCR300 is specially designed for the use of the POS system logon & security and operator identification/authorization with RFID technology . It is a simple-to-use device which can read the registration ID code from the Proximity Cards owned by the system operator. It can be used for the system logon/logoff key and the system operator identification.
PCR300 is a perfect POS system logon key which can protect the System and prevent the unauthorized people from using the System.


* Read RFID Proximity card
* POS system logon/logoff key
* Verify the ID code for the system operator identification
* Small outline and elegant design
* Cradle slot design to accept RFID card for the application as below:
-System is workable when the registered card is sitting in the cradle slot - Unlocked
-System is not workable when the registered card is removed from the cradle slot - Locked


* Power requirement : 5 VDC , 200 mA
* Interface
  USB version - PCR300U, PCR300MU
  RS-232 version - PCR300R, PCR300MR
* Baud rate 9600 , None parity , 8 data bits , 1 stop bit

* Proximity card dimension : 86 x 55 x 2 mm maximum
* Dimensions: W 65 x L 100 x D 23 mm

* Operating Temperature - 0 ~ + 55 Deg. C

Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.


1.POS system operator identification-waiter identification
2.System logon/logoff key
3.System password entry
4.System security
5.POS terminals at store checkout-Clerk identification
6.System security management


Available versions
PCR300U - USB interface, 125Khz
PCR300R - RS-232 interface,125Khz

PCR300MU - USB interface, 13.56Mhz ( Mifare card version)
PCR300MR - RS-232 interface, 13.56Mhz (Mifare card version)




Application Example




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