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RFID Proximity Readers with ABA TK2 Emulation

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PCR Series RFID Proximity Readers with MSR ABA  TK2 emulation can read RFID cards and sent out the data with MSR ABA TK2 format, it can simply replace the Mag-stripe reader in your existing systems and no circuit change nor firmware change is needs.

With PCR series RFID Readers, you may upgrade your Mag-Stripe reader systems to proximity RFID reader system without any change on circuit of firmware.

PCR Series are equipped with two I/O interfaces, MSR IN and PCR OUT.This feature make it possible that you may install the Proximity reader to your system in addition to the existing Mag-stripe reader if you would like to use both PCR and MSR on your system.


* MSR ABA TK2 emulation interface ,totally compatible with TTL output ABA TK2 standard Mag-stripe reader
* Can simply replace Mag-stripe reader 
* Equipped with two I/O interface, MSR IN and PCR OUT. It is possible you use both Proximity reader and Magnetic Stripe   reader on your system
* No repeatedly reading trouble
* LED indicator to show operation status
* Audible beeper to show reading status
* Easily integrated with most access control systems, time & attendance 
* PCR262 with small footprint like MSR module can be installed inside of your systems or outside
* Can be installed on metal surfaces , walls and doors


*Power requirement: DC 5V
*Operation temperature :0~55 Deg.C
*Storage temperature:-25~65 Deg.C
*Humidity:5~19% relative
TTL , MSR ABA TK2 emulation
*Read range:
PCR262- about 5~10 cm
PCR941-abotu 5~12cm
PCR940-about 5~20cm
PCR262-125 KHz , ASK
PCR941-125 KHz , ASK
PCR940-134.2 KHz , FSK
PCR262- 64 bits  , Manchester coding, EM format ,EM technology
PCR941-64 bit ,Manchester coding, EM format ,EM technology
PCR940-TOROS format, TIRIS technology
*Data capacity:
PCR262- 40 bits , 10 digits Hex
PCR941-40 bits , 10 digits Hex
PCR940-64 bits , 16 digits Hex
*Transponders: Read only
CFR01- ISO card EM format for PCR262/PCR941
CFR03- 2mm thick EM format for PCR262/PCR941
CFR02-1.6mm thick TIRIS format for PCR940
PCR262- H102*W42*D27.5mm
PCR941- H85*W80*D25mm
*Metal surface mounting is passable
Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.


Access Control 
Time & Attendance 
Personal Identification Systems
Parking Systems
Security Systems


Available versions
PCR262 - 125kHz , EM technology , small footprint
PCR941 - 125kHz ,EM technology 
PCR940 - 134.2 KHz , TIRIS technology




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