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Product Name
RFID Reader/Writer for Retail Application

Model No.
TS100 series



  TS100A is an elegant, fully integrated all-in-one desktop reader and writer.  Thanks to its lower profile (9.5mm) and compact size.  TS100A is the perfect choice for retail application.  There are 3 installation methods to fit all type of environments: 1.  Flush mounting 2. Under table mounting 3.  Desktop.

As a reader, it provides an accurate reading zone and only reads the tags that are placed above its surface, which avoids reading unwanted RFID tags.  It can read multiple items within the reading zone at the same time, making it ideal for checkout, small item inventory and many other applications.  TS100A has multiple application modes in a single device which can be easily selected using one configure card.  It can function as a reader, encoder, EAS tag verifier, etc.  This feature makes TS100A the most flexible compact desktop UHF RFID Device in the market to date.  It also works as a standalone writer to convert various type barcode date to RFID tag with serial number automatically.  It supports all retail barcodes which includes EAN8, EAN13, UPC-A,UPC-E, EAN14, CODE128 and data-bar.  Seamless upgrade your present running EAS system to EAS plus RFID system through. TS100A hardware keyboard emulation which allows a very easy and fast integration with POS applications, with affordable cost and without having to modify such software applications.  It's plug and play, easy to use.  No changes is required for existing operation procedure.  There is password protection to secure all the transactions. 


** Plug and play, easy to use
** Tag analysis mode
** Password protection
** Serve as the desktop reader and writer
** Able to read multiple items within the reading zone at the same
** ECO power saving
** Back up encoding history
** Well-defined antenna design



Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.


** Retail
** Library management system
** EAS tag verification
** Document tracking
** Tag encoding


Available versions
TS100A-00W  with barcode scanner port
TS100-00W   without barcode scanner port




Application Example




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