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Express Time Recorder

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Simple to setup and operate, this Time and Attendance Terminal provides all the basic Time Recorder functionality in an attractive and cost-efficient package.

The TR510 is extremely easy to use. The User only needs to push the appropriate button (IN or OUT) and read his/her ID-card to register. A new database record is created every time an ID-card is read. Each record contains the date and time of its creation, the ID-code of the User card that was used, and the related event (IN or OUT). All records are kept in the TR510


* Two buttons for clocking IN and OUT
* Bright, high-contrast LED display shows time of day, last four digits of the User Card
* Built-in Magnetic Card, RFID, or Barcode reader
* Approximately 8200 records storage capacity
* Advanced memory protection and recovery mechanism for increased reliability
* Dual RS232 and RS485 interface for single or multi-terminal communications
* Convenient Machine Number setup feature using IN and OUT buttons simplifies multi-terminal instalation process 
* Built-in relay for external ring (bell) control, Daily bell schedule of up to 32 different entries.
* Wall-mount (default) or desktop operation with excellent viewing angle in both positions
* Firmware Management Mode (FMM) for easy internal firmware upgrades.
* Built-in self-test for quick hardware check-ups
* Several exterior finishes available (contact GIGA-TMS for details)
* TR510 Control Center software included with every Terminal 



Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.




Available versions
TR510M  Magnetic Card Reader version
TR510R  RFID Card Reader version,125khz
TR510MF  Mifare RFID Card Reader version, 13.56Mhz
TR510B  Barcode Card Reader version (visible red)
TR510F  Barcode Card Reader version (infrared)
TR510 also available with FeliCa or HID version, support HID PROX credentials

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CON485 Smart; RS232/RS485 converter
*Required when using the RS485 interface of the TR510


*****FeliCa compatible version TR510FL is available on request *****

* Specification is subject to change without notice.


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