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Product Name
Guard Patrol Monitoring System Software

Model No.
Patrol Manager



Patrol Manager security patrol software is designed to work in conjuntion with a handheld scanning terminals such as GuardScan family or Watchman family and RFID Transponder tags.  Patrol Manager software provides detailed, electronic-ally documented records of security patrol activity. RFID tags placed along a route, establish checkpoints that must be visited as part of the route.  When a patrolman reaches a checkpoint, he must scan the RFID tag with the handheld scanning terminals.  The tag's identification code is recorded in the Terminal, along with the date and time of the scan.  This information is later downloaded into the computer for tracking and generating report.

Using Patrol Manager, management personnel can ascertain the exact locations visited by the patrol staff, the precise times that they reached each checkpoint as well as the status of the checkpoints.

Patrol Manager is also able to generate a variety of Reports.  These reports can be used to provide permanent records of daily route activity and system configurations.  Reports generated by Patrol Manager can also be used to help establish event timelines by providing records identifying the last time and checkpoint that cleared inspection before the security breach or event.





Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.




Available versions


Windows OS

Minimum15 MB free disk space

MS Explore 3.02

Handheld scanning terminal: GS series and WM series

RFID transponder tags: TA52A/TAG25/TAG22

Event wallet: KP1000 ( for GS1000A only)


Application Example




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