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Product Name
20 x 4 VFD Customer Displays

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DSP865 Customer Display is an artistic design POS system peripheral device. It can be used with ECR , POS system to display the purchased items , prices , amounts and changes to the customers .  Also it is capable to display the advertising messages or any messages controlled by the host computer.


20 x 4 bright font (8.8 x 3.65 mm ) VFD provides wide viewing angle , long life and high display quality
Blue-green display color is gentle to the eyes
Provides both Software setting and DIP Switch setting for Baudrate and Character set setting
3 pieces of Support Poles available to provide 4 different heights installation; Low , Mid-low , Mid-high and High
Provides good general utilities:
User-defined messages can be downloaded
Pre-saved 14 international character sets
Advertising messages running


Display -
5 x 7 dot matrix , blue-green VFD-
Number of characters : 80 ( 20 columns x 4 lines )
Character size : H8.8 x W3.65 mm
Character type : Alphanumeric-
Display area : H37.6 x W99.6 mm-
Power supply : DC 12 V , 500 mA

Dimensions -
Display unit : W175 x H72 x D55 mm-
Base stand : W176 x H42 x D108 mm-
Total height : Low : 145 mm  Mid-low : 275 mm,
Mid-high : 390 mm  High: 520 mm-
Tilt angle : up to 30 degrees- Horizontal rotation : 300 degrees

RS-232 interface with baudrate selectable 600 ~ 38400-
USB version is available on request

Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.




Available versions
DSP865 with 3 pieces Support Poles , with Base Stand
DSP865D with Dark Grey enclosure

Available colors: White or Dark Grey enclosure




Application Example




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